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Definition: 1. outwardly appealing, but ultimately not valuable or worthwhile; 2. seemingly, but not actually, true

Synonyms: tawdry, gaudy, flashy, chintzy, superficial, false, insincere, spurious, specious

Antonyms: sincere, valuable, true, bona fide

Tips: Meretricious used to mean "having to do with prostitutes," but this definition is not currently in use. The idea of superficial, but not real, attraction lingers in the current definition, however. Someone or something described as meretricious is shallow and/or insincere.

Usage Examples:

When considering Internet deals, be wary of meretricious offers. (false, flashy, specious)

Their meretricious explanation of their tardiness fooled their supervisor. (false, spurious)

The grandmother was wooed into buying the meretricious product by the charming vendor. (gaudy, chintzy)

The meretricious entertainment of Las Vegas appeals to many people looking for a couple nights of superficial fun. (tawdry, flashy, shallow)

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