Learning English as a Second Language - Use V2's English Vocabulary Building Resources

Welcome all ESL (English as a Second Language) Friends!

Thank You for visiting the V2 English Vocabulary Building website. This site provides resources and tools to help ESL students and professionals like you to expand and improve your English Vocabulary.

The V2 resource that ESL visitors find most beneficial is our English Vocabulary Building Dictionary. This free online dictionary is a perfect tool for researching and learning new English vocabulary words.

The V2 English Vocabulary Dictionary has many features that will help you to learn English as a second language:

Definitions: all of the words defined in the V2 Dictionary have simple and easy to understand word definitions. These easy to learn definitions help you to improve your English Vocabulary quicker and easier.

Synonyms: You will find long lists of synonyms and related words that help you to learn more English words faster

Usage Tips: the V2 Dictionary provides much more than definitions. You will find usage tips for each English Vocabulary word that show you exactly when, where and how to use each word. With these usage tips you will have a better understanding of new words and you will be more confident using them.

Usage Examples: Each word in the V2 dictionary has four real-life usage examples that teach you how to use the word in its most common context.