Power Words: What Makes a Word a Power Word?

The term Power Words takes on many definitions and can be confusing. For example if you were to research Power Words on Wikipedia, you would find a long diatribe with different definitions for what constitutes a Power Word.

Power Words in the context of vocabulary building, and as defined by ExecuComm INC (the company that has a trade mark for Power Words), are words that empower people to communicate at a higher level.

Learn What Makes a Word a Power Word:

Power Words strike a fine balance between pretentious sounding words and run of the mill words.

Power Words help you to communicate their ideas with greater clarity and precision

Power Words are the words used by successful executives, journalists, politicians and master communicators to communicate with clarity, poise and impact

Power Words are words that will help you get ahead in life.

Learn how Power Words can Help You Achieve Greater Success:

Power Words will help you ace your job interview and land a new job

Power Words will help you to garner greater respect and recognition from your peers

Power Words will get you noticed and help set you apart

Power Words will give you confidence knowing how to communicate your ideas with greater clarity and precision

Where can you learn Power Words?

There are three programs that are designed to help you quickly and easily learn the Power Words you need to know to achieve success in school, in your career and in life:

Verbal Success: Verbal Success offers two FREE programs: a seven day online vocabulary course and a power word of the day vocabulary program. Visit Verbal Success to learn more about these programs and enroll for FREE

Power Vocabulary Builder: The Power Vocabulary Builder is a user friendly software tool that teaches more Power Words than any other vocabulary program. Visit Power Vocabulary Builer to learn more about how this technology can help you to quickly and easily expand your vocabulary with Power Words

Executive Vocabulary: Executive Vocabulary was the first program to focus solely on teaching Power Words. Executive Vocabulary is a comprehensive audio (CD, MP3), workbook and software program. All of these tools work synergistically to help you quickly and easily build a Power Word vocabulary