Discover Why Improving Your Business English Vocabulary is the Secret to Jumpstarting Your Career Success

Attention all Success Minded Professionals!

If you are looking to get ahead in life and want to find a way to jumpstart your career, then you must improve your business English Vocabulary. English has become the official language of business and if you want to succeed in the completive global marketplace then you must speak Business English at a higher level

What Exactly is Business English?

Now when I refer to Business English, I am not simply referring to business terms and jargon used by business professionals in different industries. Although business terms and jargon are a part of Business English, Business English includes all English vocabulary words used by business professionals at work.

At bare minimum, if you want to succeed in an industry, you must know the business terms and jargon unique to your industry. In order to expand on this success, you must also have a strong English Vocabulary; essentially you need to know business English-the English vocabulary words used by professionals in your industry.

Learn Why Your Command of Business English is Either Accelerating your Career or Derailing Your Success

Did you know that your success or failure in business is linked to your vocabulary? Yes, this has been proven over and over. Business professionals with superior English vocabularies make more money and get promoted faster then people with inferior vocabularies

Look at the results of a business English test given to employees at 39 Manufacturing Companies:

Vocabulary Score
236 Points
168 Points
140 Points
114 Points
86 Points
Company Position
Floor boss

This study by the Johnson O'Conner Research Laboratory conclusively proved that vocabulary correlates with rank on the corporate ladder. Simply put: if you want to advance your career, you have to first expand your business English vocabulary.

If you want to achieve success and rise to the top of your career, in any field or industry, then you must acquire a superior vocabulary…an Executive Vocabulary.

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