Power Vocabulary Builder:

The Power Vocabulary Builder is a Windows PC software program that is available by download.

In terms of breadth and depth, we found that the Power Vocabulary Builder offered the best of both.

In terms of breadth, the Power Vocabulary Builder is impressive with over 2,200 core words that were carefully selected for their use in Business, news media, high school, college and entrance exams. If you find yourself in need of looking up a word, it will most likely be in the Power Vocabulary Builder. If not, you can add the word and build a custom lesson with their word lesson wizard.

The depth of word lessons is equally impressive. Each word has etymology (word history), usage tips on how to properly use each word, memory tricks to help you easily remember new words and in depth usage examples that give you confidence knowing exactly when where and how to use each word. There are complete the sentence tests that test your ability to properly use each word and a traffic light tracking system that helps you keep track of your progress. Red = Trouble Word, Yellow = Progressing, and Green = Mastered.

There are some additional features that make the Power Vocabulary Builder uniquely beneficial. If you are studying for a standardized test (SAT, GRE, GMAT, TOEFL, TOEIC), you will find comprehensive test lists that list words in the exact order of the likelihood that they will appear on your next exam.

Also, for business professional and adults, you can sort all of the words in order of their use in business communication and the news media. This means you can study these 2,200 words in order of the likelihood that you will encounter them at work or in the media.

Pros: the Power Vocabulary Builder has a nice balance of breadth of words and depth of word lessons. The usage tips, memory tricks and real life usage examples make it our pick for successful vocabulary building. The ability to sort words for standardized tests and business communication/media ensures you learn the words you need to know to succeed

Cons: There is not a Mac version yet. Although the breadth of word selection is better than most programs.

Summary Review of the Power Vocabulary Builder If you are looking for a vocabulary builder tool that will help you to both learn word definitions and give you the confidence to use new words, then the Power Vocabulary Builder is the program for you. Whether you are studying for a standardized test, desire to improve your grades in school or achieve greater success in your career and social circles, this tool has what you need. And with a 90 day money back guarantee, we strongly recommend everyone give this program a test drive.


We hope this review helps you to find the best vocabulary builder software for your needs. All three programs have a money back guarantee. Be sure to test these programs for yourself.

Website : www.PowerVocabularyBuilder.com