Executive Vocabulary: Research Reveals that Executives Have Superior Vocabularies

So where do YOU stand?

Several studies revealed that Executives score higher on vocabulary tests than the employees that work under them. Look at the results of a vocabulary test given to employees at 39 Manufacturing Companies:

Vocabulary Score
236 Points
168 Points
140 Points
114 Points
86 Points
Company Position
Floor boss

This study by the Johnson O’Conner Research Laboratory conclusively proved that vocabulary correlates with rank on the corporate ladder. Simply put: if you want to advance your career, you have to first advance your vocabulary.

Other studies have shown that Executives actually score higher on vocabulary tests than PhDs and college professors.

"The Single Greatest Investment You Can Make in Your Future"

Over 70 years of research at the Johnson O'Connor Research Foundation has conclusively shown that improving your vocabulary is the single greatest investment you can make in your future. Research by multiple universities, The Human Engineering Lab and the Johnson O’Connor Research foundation has proven that…

People with Superior Vocabularies...

... Make More Money

... Are Promoted Faster and More Often

... Command Greater Respect

... Have Higher IQs

... Are Considered More Intelligent

... Read Faster and Comprehend More

... Are Better Communicators

... Are Better and More Confident Public Speakers

... Write Faster and with Greater Clarity

... Interview Better and Land Better Jobs

Yes, You Too Can Develop a Superior, Executive Vocabulary.

If you want to achieve success and rise to the top of your career, in any field or industry, then you must acquire a superior vocabulary... an Executive Vocabulary.

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