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Definition: extremely angry at something unjust

Synonyms: angered, furious, enraged, fuming, maddened, peeved, steamed, miffed

Antonyms: calm, content, happy

Tips: Incensed is derived from the Latin incensare, which means "set on fire." Think of burning incense. Now think of burning anger, and you have a better understanding of the adjective incensed (angered, furious). The related verb to incense means "to make someone angry."

Usage Examples:

She was incensed at his rude remark. (angered, fuming)

The woman became incensed when she saw her son's terrible grades on his report card. (furious, enraged)

His controversial speech was likely to incense the audience. (anger, madden) verb

The young attorney’s cocky attitude incensed the judge, who held him in contempt. (enraged, angered) verb

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