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Definition: feeling or revealing little or no emotion

Synonyms: unemotional, stoic, inscrutable, apathetic, indifferent

Antonyms: emotional, moved

Tips: Impassive literally means "without passion or emotion," but it can also connote the ability to hide emotion even if feelings are beneath the surface. Note: this word does NOT combine the negative im- "no" with passive "not actively taking part." Impassive and stoic are synonymous. Impassive is unemotional or expressionless and usually describes someone who is showing no emotion in their face. Stoic can often be a compliment of someone who does not allow emotions to affect them and they are brave or patient in the face of adversity.

Usage Examples:

When they told her that she was adopted, she was surprisingly impassive, and they wondered if she had long suspected their secret. (unemotional, stoic)

An impassive expression is a real asset in a poker game. (stoic, unemotional)

The defendant remained impassive as evidence was being presented against him. (stoic, unemotional)

He was so impassive when we told him the bad news that I wasn't sure how it affected him. (stoic, unemotional)

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