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Definition: 1. to refine, intensify, or improve something over time; 2. to use a whetstone to sharpen a knife or blade

Synonyms: sharpen, refine, perfect, whet

Antonyms: dull

Tips: Hone is often misused in the expression "to hone in on something." This is incorrect: the phrase should be "to home in." You may have also heard the correct use of hone, as in "hone (refine, sharpen, perfect) your skills." Think of the literal definition for hone of "sharpening a blade."

Usage Examples:

Olympic swimmers spend hours working to hone their technique to perfection. (refine)

The metal worker spends time honing steel into sharp blades suitable for fine quality knives. (sharpening, whetting)

If you want to be a shooting guard, you are going to need to further hone your jump shot. (sharpen, perfect)

He was able to hone his debating skills on his college debate team, which is one of the reasons the attorney is so quick on his feet. (sharpen, perfect)

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