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Definition: 1. the seriousness or significance of something; 2. a manner that is serious and solemn; 3. the quality of being heavy; 4. the gravitational force of Earth

Synonyms: importance, significance, seriousness, magnitude, weight

Antonyms: lightness, levity, insignificance

Tips: Gravity refers to the seriousness of a situation. The related adjective grave generally refers to a situation that is important or serious. Levity, an antonym of gravity, refers to lightness and a relaxed feeling or attitude. Gravity comes from a Latin root which means heavy (think of the gravitational pull of earth that is weighing us down), while levity comes from a Latin root which means light or floating. Think of gravity as "heaviness," as in "seriousness," and levity as "lightness.".

Usage Examples:

I hope you understand the gravity of this situation and will do everything in your power to solve the matter. (significance, magnitude)

The grave manner in which she looked at me told me this was no time for jokes. (serious) adjective

What can we do to reduce the gravity of this problem? (magnitude, seriousness)

Nobody realized how gravely ill he was until it was too late. (seriously, significantly) adjective

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