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Definition: 1. a challenge issued; 2. a long glove that extends up the forearm; 3. a form of punishment; 4. any trial, difficulty, or obstacle

Synonyms: challenge, glove, obstacle, trial, tribulation, criticism


Tips: Gauntlet is often heard in the phrases "to run the gauntlet," meaning to face criticism from several sides or fronts, "to throw down the gauntlet," meaning to issue a challenge, or "to take up the gauntlet," meaning to accept a challenge.

Usage Examples:

The manager told his employees that their competitor had thrown down the gauntlet with its latest product release and his team must rise to the occasion. (challenge)

He knew that in order to be elected he would have to run the gauntlet of his opponents' criticism. (obstacle, trial)

A price war looks likely now that a leading mobile phone manufacturer has thrown down the gauntlet to its competitors. (invitation to competition)

I don't know how politicians are able to run the gauntlet of hostile journalists who constantly try to trick them into making a gaffe. (line of hostility)

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