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Definition: 1. to reinforce by building strengthening structures that make a place less susceptible to attack; 2. to create a staunch argument by attempting to make it indefensible; 3. to build morale and inspire emotional and mental strength through encouragement or prayer

Synonyms: strengthen, bolster, reinforce, bulwark, buttress, garrison, gird, prepare, tighten, embolden, hearten, reassure, sustain, rally

Antonyms: weaken, destabilize, tear down, dishearten

Tips: Fortify is derived from the Latin fortis, "strong." To fortify something is to stregthen it. One can fortify an argument for use in court, fortify resolve to accomplish a goal, or a system can be fortified via reforms or guidelines. Fortify denotes a resolve accompanied by action, to bolster and strengthen. Food can be fortified with nutrients. During difficult times, family may fortify us and provide a support system. For a memory trick, note the word "fort" in fortify. A fort is a military building used to protect soldiers. If you fortify something, you make it safer and stronger, like a fort. Buttress is a better choice than fortify in the context of strengthening a building or other structure, while fortify is better in the context of morale or a person's physical strength.

Usage Examples:

The new drug was used to fortify the immune system of AIDS patients. (strengthen, reinforce)

Added buttresses fortified an already strong castle wall. (strengthened, garrisoned)

The General decided to fortify his batallion's position by bringing in new troops. (strengthen, reinforce)

Let's try to fortify our argument before we go to court. (strengthen, reinforce)

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