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Definition: 1. possessing or displaying meticulous attention to detail, needing everything to be correct and perfect; 2. extremely sensitive or delicate in matters of food, manners, dress, or personal hygiene, and easily disgusted by lack on cleanliness

Synonyms: particular, meticulous, persnickety, dainty, finicky, exacting, squeamish, precious, fussy

Antonyms: indifferent, uncouth, uncritical, undemanding, accepting, laid back

Tips: Fastidious is used to describe two types of people: Those who have a meticulous attention to detail and demand perfection and those who are very picky in what they like (especially food) and are disdainful in their rejection of anything that does not satisfy their standards or tastes. A person who is painstaking in his or her attention to detail and is generally particular about things being in clean and in their place is fastidious. A chemist would need to be fastidious in her work. A person of royalty would have the power to be critical and excessively difficult to please, and so could be fastidious in the same sense that a fussy child could be a fastidious eater.

Usage Examples:

The man's fastidious attention to detail and focus made him an excellent technical writer. (exacting, meticulous)

I didn't realize he was so fastidious until we went out to dinner and he sent his meal back three times. (particular, demanding)

I wouldn't characterize him as obsessive compulsive, but he does tend to be fastidious. (exacting, meticulous)

I'm lucky because I have a fastidious wife who organizes my closet and keeps the house sparkling clean. (meticulous, detail-oriented)

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