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noun, verb

Definition: (n.) 1. a gradual increase in intensity, especially in volume; 2. a peak of intensity; (v.) to grow in loudness or intensity

Synonyms: (n.) growth, increase, rising, apex, apogee, (v.) grow, increase

Antonyms: diminuendo, trough

Tips: Crescendo is an Italian word which comes from the Latin word crescere, "to grow or increase." In music, it refers to an increase in loudness, and also to the point at which the sound is at maximum volume. It may also be used to refer to things other than sound, but it always implies that there is a rising volume of something or that one is at the top point of an increase of some kind.

Usage Examples:

Complaints about conditions in the factory have reached a crescendo that will be difficult for the management to ignore. (rising, apex) noun

The symphony began so quietly that it was almost inaudible, but as it neared the end, the volume steadily rose to a ringing crescendo. (increase in volume) noun

This is the point in the symphony where the music crescendos and comes to a booming climax. (grows loud) verb

The more nervous she became, the more her voice seemed to crescendo. (increase, grow louder) verb

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