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Definition: 1. to move freely and without inhibition; 2. to leap or jump playfully

Synonyms: romp, frolic, prance, leap, jump, play

Antonyms: restrain

Tips: Cavort sometimes connotes the idea of childhood and innocence. It can also sometimes be used to apply to rowdier and more boisterous--or sometimes even flirtatious--behavior, such as that of teenagers.

Usage Examples:

The parents enjoy chatting on the park bench while their children cavort on the playground. (play, frolic, romp)

The best of friends, the young men were spotted cavorting around campus on a regular basis. (playing)

The students enjoyed cavorting between classes as a brief relief from stress. (frolicking, playing)

Let's go cavort at the new bar down the street this Friday night. (play)

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