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noun, verb

Definition: (n.) a destructive force that inflicts severe damage; (v.) to frustrate or end hope

Synonyms: (n.) disease, devastation, poison, (v.) spoil, ruin, damage, destroy, halt, frustrate, decay

Antonyms: health, blessing

Tips: In botany, blight can also refer to a fungal plant disease. It can also take on the meaning of something that is in a state of decay or ruin, such as in the phrase "urban blight." In the adjective use, if something is blighted, it is severely damaged or destroyed.

Usage Examples:

The denial of her scholarship application effectively blighted her dream of attending her first-choice college. (halted, ruined, frustrated) verb

The swarm of locusts proved to be a blight upon the land. (devastation, cause of ruin) noun

The actor's many bouts with drug abuse and imprisonment were a blight on his career, and he found it nearly impossible to get work. (destructive force, devastation) noun

The family's income and savings were sadly blighted by the father's gambling addiction. (destroyed, ruined)

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