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Definition: a feeling of deep nervousness, especially in anticipation of something to come

Synonyms: nervousness, fear, anticipation, uneasiness, distress, dread, angst, consternation, agitation, perturbation

Antonyms: calm, ease, contentment, tranquility, comfort

Tips: Anxiety, and its related adjective anxious, come from the Latin past participle stem anx- , from the word angere, which means "to torment," or more literally, "to strangle." This is also the origin of the word angst, which is the feeling of anxiety or dread. Someone who is experiencing anxiety, or is feeling anxious, is somewhat tormented with fear, nervousness, and/or eagerness because of something that is anticipated.

Usage Examples:

I'm experiencing anxiety over my upcoming speech, which I have to deliver in front of three hundred people. (nervousness, fear)

She was plagued by anxiety and couldn't sleep for days. (uneasiness, agitation)

My chronic anxiety has become such a problem that my doctor prescribed anti-depressant medication. (angst, consternation, uneasiness)

There's no need to be anxious; everything will be all right. (nervous, fearful, distressed) adjective

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