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adverb, adjective

Definition: (adv.) alongside each other, moving in one direction; (adj.) well informed, up to date on a subject

Synonyms: alongside, aligned, adjacent, informed, apprised

Antonyms: unaware, uninformed

Tips: Abreast can refer to a physical stance, as in being alongside someone or something, but often it refers to staying knowledgeable about recent developments in a given situation. Think, if you are abreast (alongside, next to) something you can easily keep abreast (up to date, knowledgeable) of it because you are right next to it.

Usage Examples:

Keeping abreast of developments in the crisis allowed the Police Chief to act appropriately when the opportunity arose. (informed, up to date) adjective

With so many news web sites on the internet, it is much easier to keep abreast of current events. (apprised) adverb

Although their cubicles were abreast of each other, Gina and Gary hardly ever talked. (adjacent) adjective

Please keep me abreast of the latest information. (informed, apprised) adjective

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