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You're about to do something less than 30% of Americans have done: receive your Bachelor's Degree. You've got big plans for graduate school, and beyond that a career that you know you can be successful in.

But first, you have an obstacle to overcome: Taking the GRE.

It seems that your entire future is riding on this one exam. And in some ways, it is. Because most Graduate Schools use the GRE as the primary factor in determining things like admissions, merit-based grants, fellowships, assistantships, and your all-important financial aid package.

Which begs the questions: What's Your GRE Prep Plan? and Will your score be good enough?

GRE Preparation Strategy

Important Information You Must Know Before Taking the GRE

The first secret to conquering the GRE is practice, practice, practice! OK, that's actually not a secret - everybody tells you that, right before they ask for hundreds of dollars for their GRE prep program.

But you don't have to bother with them.

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