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Test Prep

  • Does Vocabulary Still Matter On The New SAT?
    Ever since the revised SAT was released in 2005, people have argued over what the changes really mean. And more importantly, how does your vocabulary affect your score? Well, don't put away your dictionary - at least not just yet. Because even though those annoying verbal analogies are gone, there's still plenty of vocabulary on the new SAT....
  • Why Vocabulary Is Crucial To Raising Your Score On The GRE
    Is vocabulary really important to scoring high on the GRE? The answer is a resounding, "YES!" You may be thinking that after four years of college your vocabulary is strong enough - but when you see just how much your knowledge of words will affect your score, you may want to pick that dictionary back up and study!...
  • Why a Strong English Vocabulary Is Critical To Earning A High Score On The TOEIC Test
    You already know how important your English language skills are to your future and your career. You simply can't get ahead in today's global economy without a strong command of English. But a strong English vocabulary is even more important if you're preparing to take the TOEIC Exam. Because every single question on the test will measure your understanding of English vocabulary words...

High School & University

  • High School Vocabulary
    Discovery why vocabulary is the secret key to making (almost) every subject easier to learn and understand. The fact is your vocabulary is truly the secret key to unlocking success in high school...
  • College Vocabulary
    Why you must have an advanced vocabulary if you want to succeed at your college or university. Your vocabulary will determine how successful you'll be in college - and later in life.
  • The 3 Top Accelerated Learning Techniques
    Discover three learning techniques that will enable you to quickly learn new information and remember it forever. Yes, it's true. You can make learning quick and easy by following the these three steps...