Improving Your Vocabulary Does Not Have to Be Boring!
Improving Your Vocabulary Can actually be Fun and Rewarding.

How to Make Improving Vocabulary Fun! In this article I am going to share with you three techniques that will help make learning vocabulary more fun. They are word Etymology; Mnemonics and Word Usage.

Improving Vocabulary with Work Etymology Word Etymology is the study of a word's origin or history. You can learn a lot about by studying its origin. A great example is the word exude. Exude means "to communicate a particular quality or feeling in abundance and very clearly, usually through general behavior and body language." Common usage examples include "he exudes confidence" If you exude love, confidence, pain, etc., you show that you have a lot of that feeling.

Exude is derived from the Latin word exudare, which means to sweat. So now if you think of someone exuding confidence, you can imagine confidence leaking from their pores like sweat. By learning the etymology for the word exude, you now have a much better understanding for the word and how to apply it in your daily communication

Improving Vocabulary with Mnemonics Mnemonics are memory devices that help you to remember new information. When learning vocabulary, you can create all kinds of fun mnemonics to help you with learning new vocabulary. Here is an example of a mnemonic that will help you to learn the word opulence. Opulence means wealth and luxury and usually in excess. For a mnemonic consider how opulence sounds like Opal Fence. Opal is a rare and precious stone; so a fence made of opal would be the definition of opulence. Whenever you are learning new words, you should try to think of a mnemonic for that word. Usually just the process of trying conceptualize a mnemonic will help you to remember the word.

Improving Vocabulary with Word Usage One of the easiest ways of improving vocabulary is with word usage. By learning how a word is most commonly used, you will have greater confidence using the word in your daily communication. For example, if you just learned the word exude, you would then start to pay close attention to how other people use the word exude. You may find that most people use the word to describe someone exuding love, pain or confidence. Take note of how the word is most widely used, then use it in the same context. Again, this will give you greater confidence to use the word exude in your daily communication.

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