Vocabulary skills: Six Tips to Help You Quickly and Easily Improve

Here are six tips to help you quickly and easily improve your vocabulary skills.

Tip One: I hate to say it, but read more. Read the newspaper, read news websites, read industry publications that will help you with your career…read anything and it will help you improve your vocabulary.

Tip Two: Start paying closer attention to the words you hear every day; try to identify new words you have never read or heard before

Tip Three: Purchase a vocabulary journal to document new words your encounter

Tip Four: Make flash cards and start to test your recall of new words each week. On the front put the word. On the back define the word in your own words. Also, include at least one usage example for the word. Try to create an example you could actually see yourself using.

Tip Five: Do more cross words and play more word games like scrabble

Tip Six: Find a program that is designed to help you improve your vocabulary. We have found three programs, including a FREE program, which are designed to help you improve your vocabulary:

Verbal Success: Verbal Success offers two FREE programs that will enable you to improve your vocabulary: a seven day online vocabulary course and a word of the day vocabulary program. Visit www.VerbalSuccess.com to learn more about these programs or enroll for FREE below (note; the seven day course also includes the word of the day program).

Power Vocabulary Builder: The Power Vocabulary Builder is a user friendly software tool that will help you to build and improve your vocabulary 10 to 100 times faster than any other program. Visit www.PowerVocabularyBuilder.com to learn more about this powerful vocabulary improvement tool

Executive Vocabulary: Executive Vocabulary is the most comprehensive vocabulary improvement program available. Executive Vocabulary includes Audio CD's, a Workbook and Vocabulary Building Software that will help you improve your vocabulary with a focus on your professional success. Visit www.ExecutiveVocabulary.com today to learn more about this comprehensive vocabulary improvement package.