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Attention all Future MBA Students Preparing for the GMAT

Studies show that graduates from highly ranked business schools earn bigger starting salaries than graduates from "average" schools.

In fact, graduates from Harvard or Stanford can command as much as $60,000 more per year than graduates from state MBA schools. And it doesn't stop there. Any of the top 15 Business schools will earn you an extra $30,000 per year or more, right from the start. (Source: BusinessWeek Guide To The Best Business Schools, McGraw-Hill, 2003)

The key is getting admitted into a better business school. And every school you apply to will be looking at one criterion in particular: Your score on the GMAT Test.

Score highly on this test, and there will be no limits on your future success!

This Begs the Question: What is your GMAT Prep Strategy?

Important Information You Must Know Before Taking The GMAT

The GMAT is a unique test, which makes GMAT prep different from most standardized exams. While most tests are looking to see what you already know, the GMAT exam is designed to test your ability to learn. The GMAT is a Computer Adaptive test. This means the difficulty of questions increases as you successfully answer each question.

In other words, the GMAT is more about your ability to learn and process new information than what you know. This is good news for those willing to work hard and practice, because it boils down to a very simple strategy:

You can succeed on the GMAT by preparing in depth for the different question types and being able to take difficult questions and break them down into easier parts that you can quickly solve.

GMAT Prep Strategy:

You must learn how to break each GMAT question down to its basic formula

The GMAT has become entirely formulaic. All of the questions - both math and verbal - are based on formulas you can use to your advantage. Even the essay question is graded by a computer, and has a strict scoring formula.

If you know the formulas for each type of question, you can spot the correct answer right away. It gives you a huge advantage when taking the exam. Of course, not knowing the formulas will give you a disadvantage that's just as huge.

Because of this there is a whole GMAT Preparation industry that breaks GMAT questions down in to their basic formulas.

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