Vocabulary Development: Resources for Parents

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Grade School

  • Tips for Improving Your Child's Vocabulary and reading comprehension skills
    The foundation of all education depends on your child's ability to read and comprehend new information. Your child's ability to read and comprehend information will depend on their vocabulary. Research for 100 years has confirmed that reading comprehension is directly related to breadth and depth of vocabulary. Here are some tips that will help you to improve your child's vocabulary and reading comprehension skills...

Toddlers, Pre-School

  • Vocabulary Development Activities for Your Child
    When trying to help your child develop his or her vocabulary, the best way to help your child is to simply talk to them. Children learn language and increase their vocabulary in only one way - listening to the people around them. The richer and more abundant the language they hear daily, the more well developed their own language will be. Talk to them all day and treat them...
  • The Importance of Dads and Toddler Vocabulary Development
    Attention Fathers: you play a big role in your toddler's vocabulary development. Researchers at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill have found that the number of words a father uses when a child is 2 might influence the child's vocabulary a year later. While mothers have long been considered to be the primary teachers of language to their toddlers, the study suggests that fathers had even greater impact than mothers on language development in the 2-year-olds...