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Definition: 1. to simulate an interest in something or intensify a feeling; 2. to sharpen something, like a knife

Synonyms: arouse, excite, entice, stimulate, spur, awaken, sharpen, hone, grind

Antonyms: bore, dull, blunt

Tips: Whet is derived from the Old English hwettan, which meant "sharpen." Whet can be used literally to refer to sharpening a knife or figuratively to mean sharpening an interest in something. You may have heard someone say, "The smell of the food whet my appetite." This usually refers to someone's appetite being stimulated by smelling the aroma of food. If you whet your appetite, you have "sharpened" your appetite and you have greater interest in eating.

Usage Examples:

I decided to whet my appetite by having hors d'oeuvres before dinner. (stimulate, arouse)

You will have to whet the knife before using it. (sharpen)

Reading the synopsis of a book is usually enough to whet my interest in a story. (arouse, entice)

The small bite of chocolate whet my appetite for dessert, and I was soon craving fudge brownies. (awakened, stimulated)

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