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adjective, noun, verb

Definition: (adj.) 1. containing nothing--empty; 2. free from legally binding obligation; (n.) 1. an empty space; 2. the state of nonexistence; (v.) 1. to declare something as invalid; 2. to render something ineffective

Synonyms: (adj.) vacant, vacuous, empty, null, invalid, without, (n.) emptiness, vacancy, chasm, (v.) invalidate, nullify, cancel, negate

Antonyms: (adj.) full, valid

Tips: Void has several meanings and uses, but in some sense, they all pertain to emptiness or pointlessness. If something is void, it is empty, invalid, or pointless. It is the same as if it had never existed. A common legal phrase is "null and void," which means that something (such as a contract) has been deemed invalid or pointless.

Usage Examples:

When their youngest child left home for college, the couple filled the void in their lives by traveling. (emptiness, vacancy) noun

The contract was declared null and void by the judge. (invalid) adjective

She is completely void of talent, yet she insists on pursuing a singing career despite her shortcomings. (without, empty) adjective

I asked the bank to void the check so I could replace it with a new one. (nullify, cancel) verb

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