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Definition: examine something or someone carefully to make certain that they are acceptable or suitable

Synonyms: scrutinize, examine, inspect


Tips: Vet is used to denote carefully examining someone or something to make sure they are acceptable and trustworthy. For a memory trick, imagine a vet (short for veterinarian) vetting (inspecting, examining) a dog to make sure it is healthy and without fleas or rabies. This same idea applies to vetting people to make sure they are who they say they are and are trustworthy.

Usage Examples:

The bank thoroughly vets all loan applicants before issuing a loan. (examines, investigates)

The anchorman neglected to vet his sources and ended up running a bogus story that tarnished the image of the entire network. (inspect, scrutinize)

It is imperative that reporters vet all of their sources before running a story, especially one that is high-profile. (inspect, scrutinize)

The documents used in the news report were not properly vetted, and we later learned that the documents were false. (inspected, scrutinized)

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