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Definition: noisy excitement or confusion, usually from many sources

Synonyms: outcry, commotion, clamor, tumult, disorder, ruckus

Antonyms: calm, quiet, peace

Tips: Uproar is believed to originate from old Dutch and German words that literally meant "stirring up." When things are stirred up in chaos or confusion, there is usually an uproar. When the majority of the public is unhappy about something the government is doing, it usually results in an uproar. The adjective uproarious describes anything that is noisy and confused. For a memory trick, note the word "roar" in uproar. A roar is a deep, loud noise. An uproar is noisy excitement.

Usage Examples:

When the band didn't show up for its scheduled performance, there was such an uproar from the crowd that security guards feared a riot would ensue. (outcry, tumult)

Their uproarious voices could be heard well above the sound of the music. (noisy, chaotic) adjective

Our office was in uproar after the announcement that we would be closing our doors and moving operations across the country. (commotion, tumult)

The proposed bill caused such an uproar that it was quickly buried, never to be spoken of again. (outcry, clamor)

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