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Definition: not conspicuous or noticeable

Synonyms: low-key, inconspicuous, low-profile, quiet, reserved, humble, unnoticeable, modest

Antonyms: obtrusive, noticeable, loud

Tips: The root word obtrusive comes from Latin obtrudere, which means "to thrust out." Unobtrusive is the opposite and refers to things that do not stick out in a conspicuous way, but rather blend into their surroundings. Unobtrusive is synonymous with inconspicuous. Use inconspicuous to describe something that can not be easily seen. Use unobtrusive to describe something that doesn't interfere or isn't obtrusive.

Usage Examples:

The officials on the football field tried to be as unobtrusive as possible. (unnoticeable, inconspicuous)

Reporters were allowed to film the celebrity's wedding from an unobtrusive site near the church. (inconspicuous, low-key, unnoticeable)

The music playing in the department store was pleasant and unobtrusive to shoppers. (unnoticeable, quiet)

I tried to be as unobtrusive as possible when I videotaped my brother's wedding. (inconspicuous, low-profile)

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