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noun, verb

Definition: (n.) a long, strenuous walk; (v.) to walk in a heavy-footed, slow manner

Synonyms: walk, lumber, march, plod, tramp, tread, pad

Antonyms: glide, float

Tips: The origin of trudge is believed to be from the Swedish word trudja, which means "snowshoe." Picture the laborious way someone would walk in snowshoes--that would be a perfect image of a trudge (long heavy walk) or someone trudging (walking slowly) along.

Usage Examples:

On most winter mornings, Mary has to trudge through snow to get to her car. (lumber, walk, plod) verb

The hikers trudged through the forest in order to reach their camp. (plodded, walked, padded) verb

Even though the task was hard, I decided to trudge forward rather than give up. (move slowly, lumber, plod) verb

The beautiful view at the top of the mountain was well worth the trudge to get there. (walk, lumber) noun

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