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Definition: 1. aggressive and defiant; 2. displaying great anger and inclined to fight--belligerent

Synonyms: belligerent, aggressive, defiant, combative, fierce, violent

Antonyms: peaceful, nice, kind, harmless

Tips: Truculent is derived from the Latin truculentus, which means "fierce, like a savage." Truculent is often used to refer to aggressive and fierce behavior. When using the word truculent to describe aggressive behavior, there is an element of defiance, like with a savage animal that refuses to be domesticated or controlled. There is also a sense of belligerence and wanting to fight or argue. For a memory trick, note how truculent sounds like "truck you lent." Now, imagine you lent your truck to a person you just met and shortly thereafter, you learned he was truculent. When you ask him to return the "truck you lent," he is truculent and angrily refuses to return the truck. When you try to run after him, he tries to run you over because he is truly truculent and refuses your request, and even tries to harm you.

Usage Examples:

Bob was a truculent man who didn't like following rules and would fight people who tried to tell him what to do. (fierce, violent, belligerent)

When the irate man purposely broke a chair, his truculent behavior had to be addressed. (belligerent, violent, aggressive)

The truculent nation is refusing to abide by the United Nations security resolution. (fierce, combative, defiant)

Because of his truculent personality, he has been in several fights recently. (defiant, combative)

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