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Definition: 1. to overstep what is considered acceptable; 2. to violate a law

Synonyms: violate, overstep, infringe, encroach, err, disobey, disregard, offend

Antonyms: obey, agree

Tips: Transgress is derived from the Latin transgredi, which means "to walk or go beyond." The related noun transgression refers to the act of overstepping a boundary, especially the law. A transgressor is the person breaking the rules or law. Transgress is a more sophisticated way of saying "to break the law or rules."

Usage Examples:

You will not transgress the law by simply owning a gun; you will if you do not follow the rules for gun ownership. (violate, overstep)

By painting his house a color other than white, Jim had transgressed the rules of his homeowners' association. (violated, disobeyed, disregarded)

The penalty for the man's transgression was six months in jail. (act of overstepping the law) verb

I think we can forgive your transgression this time, but please remember to abide by club rules in the future or we will have to ask you to leave. (act of overstepping the law or rules)

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