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Definition: 1. easily managed, controlled, or dealt with; 2. easily influenced

Synonyms: manageable, compliant, complaisant, controllable, docile, workable, submissive, amenable

Antonyms: intractable, nonconforming, inflexible, stubborn

Tips: Tractable is derived from the Latin tractabilis, which means "manageable." The word treaty also has the same source. Tractable is most often used when describing things that are easily molded or controlled. See also intractable, which has the opposite meaning.

Usage Examples:

My car problems were not as tractable as I had originally thought, and instead of trying to have them fixed, I sold the car and bought a new one. (manageable, controllable, workable)

The loud and outspoken secretary was replaced by a more tractable one. (compliant, amenable, submissive)

If I don't blow dry my hair in the morning, it's anything but tractable. (controllable, manageable)

It can be easy for marketers to influence tractable young minds. (controllable, compliant, workable)

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