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Definition: 1. worn down so as to expose the bare threads (of fabric); 2. repeated too often, so as to be familiar and trite; 3. meager and insubstantial

Synonyms: worn, bare, frayed, shabby, ragged, trite, banal, overused, hackneyed, unoriginal, insubstantial

Antonyms: new, original, substantial

Tips: The word threadbare should be easy to remember by taking it apart; threadbare describes something worn down to the bare threads. From this original definition, it has also come to describe expressions or ideas that are so overused as to be worn down to insignificance; trite.

Usage Examples:

I think we should hire a new creative team, because the current team's ideas for this campaign are all threadbare. (overused, hackneyed)

Your threadbare excuses won't work on me anymore; I've heard them too many times. (trite, overused)

Her jeans were faded and threadbare. (worn, frayed)

The old house was so threadbare and in need of repair, the owners considered tearing it down and rebuilding it. (shabby)

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