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Definition: having a tendency toward something and wanting to influence others to agree with your viewpoint, especially in an argumentative way

Synonyms: biased, partial, inclined, argumentative

Antonyms: impartial, unbiased

Tips: Tendentious is formed from the word tendency. When you have a tendency toward something, you have a preference or inclination toward it, and it usually involves something most people don't agree with. Tendentious is a great way to describe any information (like a statement, lecture, or written work) that is clearly biased and trying to influence people and convert them to the speaker or writer's beliefs.

Usage Examples:

The journalist's account of the events was tendentious, not to mention inaccurate. (biased, partial)

The anchorman was accused of reporting tendentious news stories that he hoped would influence the election. (biased, inclined)

His tendentious statements often anger his friends and family. (biased, argumentative)

The tendentious talk show host used his show to promote his political ideology. (inclined [to being provocative], biased)

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