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Definition: moderate or mild, not extreme, especially said of climate and behavior

Synonyms: calm, agreeable, constant, mild, moderate, even-tempered, reasonable, steady, stable, dispassionate

Antonyms: extreme, immoderate, severe, unrestrained, excessive

Tips: Temperate is derived from the Latin temperatus, which means "restrained." The related noun temperance means "moderation." For a memory trick, note how temperate looks like "temperature" and "ate" combined. Now, think of pizza and how the temperature of pizza must be temperate (mild, stable) before you eat it. "I didn't burn my mouth because I ate the pizza at the right temperature, when it was temperate." "Even though I was very hungry, I had to show temperance (restraint, moderation) and wait for the pizza to cool before I ate it."

Usage Examples:

She moved to Southern California because of its temperate climate. (mild, stable)

Mary describes herself as having a temperate personality, but most of her friends think she is a little moody. (agreeable, calm, stable)

It is a good idea to exercise temperance when drinking alcohol. (moderation) noun

Her response to the news was temperate, though I expected her to be more excited. (dispassionate, calm)

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