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verb, noun

Definition: (v.) 1. to grow large; 2. to expand beyond what is normal; 3. to become overcome by an emotion; 4. to cause to become swollen; 5. to increase in amount or intensity; (n.) 1. the rising and falling movement of the surface of the sea; 2. an increase in the size of something

Synonyms: (v.) grow, expand, increase, distend, bloat, inflate, billow, well up, enlarge, intensify, (n.) surge, swelling, wave, inflation, bloating

Antonyms: decrease

Tips: Swell is derived from the Old English swellan, "grow or make bigger." Most of the many definitions of the verb swell are derived from this idea of growing or becoming bigger. Swell can also be used as an adjective, meaning "great" or "excellent," but this usage is not very common in contemporary English.

Usage Examples:

Surfers had a great weekend when a big swell came in. (wave, surge) noun

I swelled with pride when Concetta complimented my painting skills. (welled up) verb

The sail swelled with wind and pushed the boat forward. (billowed, inflated) verb

My ankle swelled up to twice its size when I sprained it. (expanded, enlarged) verb

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