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Definition: 1. easily affected, influenced, or impressed by something; 2. easily yielding to something

Synonyms: impressionable, open, accessible, pliable, malleable, inclined, prone, na´ve, sensitive, swayed, vulnerable

Antonyms: unimpressionable, inaccessible, steadfast, strong

Tips: Susceptible is derived from the Late Latin suscipere, which means "to take up." A person who is susceptible easily takes up others' opinions, ideas, emotions, or, as with a susceptible immune system, things like colds. The related noun susceptibility is the state of being easily affected or influenced.

Usage Examples:

People susceptible to motion sickness are advised not to ride roller coasters. (inclined, prone)

Many teenagers are very susceptible to peer pressure. (swayed by, vulnerable)

The study examined older people's susceptibility to depression and disease. (vulnerability) noun

He is very susceptible to persuasion, so I'm sure we can get him to agree to the deal. (vulnerable, open)

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