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Definition: 1. to stop something with force; 2. to forcefully keep something down; 3. to purposely prevent something from occurring

Synonyms: restrain, abolish, beat down, conquer, crush, hold back, stifle, subdue

Antonyms: promote, encourage, advance

Tips: Suppress is derived from the Latin supprimere, which means "to press down, stop or stifle." Many uses for suppress may be familiar. For example, in psychology, suppress may be used to denote the purposeful stopping of negative thoughts. In medicine, suppress may be used to describe drugs that reduce a symptom's occurrence (e.g. cough suppressants). In business, suppress may be used to indicate an action has been hindered. In military or police terms, an uprising or riot can be suppressed.

Usage Examples:

She wanted to find a medicine that would suppress her child's cough. (stifle, subdue)

The judge denied the lawyer's request to suppress evidence in the trial. (abolish, hold back on)

According to the psychologist, it is not uncommon for people to suppress thoughts from their childhood. (stifle, restrain, hold back)

I tried to suppress my worries, but I couldn't help feeling anxious. (beat down, subdue)

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