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Definition: dirty or tarnished, especially said of a reputation

Synonyms: dirty, tarnished, shabby, soiled, seedy, tacky

Antonyms: spotless, immaculate

Tips: Sully is derived from Old French souillier, which means "making something dirty." Think, "dirty or soiled." Sullied describes things, especially reputations, that have been dirtied or soiled. It is also the past tense of the verb sully, which means "to dirty or soil."

Usage Examples:

She did not buy from the company because it had a sullied reputation. (dirty, tarnished, seedy)

His 20-year career was sullied after the scandal. (tarnished, dirty, soiled)

He tried to clear his sullied name. (tarnished, dirty, soiled)

I sullied my new shirt when I spilled some food on it during lunch. (dirtied, soiled) verb

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