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Definition: to give in to defeat

Synonyms: surrender, buckle, cave in, die, give in, pass away, perish, quit, submit

Antonyms: fight, resist, defend

Tips: Think of the related word submit, as it means "to yield control." Succumb means you have submitted to defeat. You have probably heard someone say, "I can't believe you succumbed to their demands." Notice the differences in the following words: If you capitulate to something, you surrender or completely cave in. If you succumb to something, you give up or give in because you don't believe you can win. If you acquiesce, you agree passively, without putting up a fight.

Usage Examples:

He was determined not to succumb to temptation while on the diet. (surrender, cave in, give in)

After years of suffering, the man finally succumbed to his illness. (passed away from, died from, gave in to)

The government was unlikely to succumb to the demands of the kidnappers. (buckle, cave in, submit)

I succumbed to his request, though I was not happy to do so. (caved in, surrendered)

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