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Definition: having or showing little or no emotion

Synonyms: unemotional, emotionless, stoic, impassive, unfeeling, staid, indifferent

Antonyms: emotional, sensitive, passionate

Tips: Although stolid is very similar to its synonym stoic, it's used in a more general way when referring to someone's usual temperament, while stoic is used more for specific situations that call for serious behavior. When referring to people, stolid is a more sophisticated way of saying "unemotional." When a thing is described as stolid, it means that it is not interesting or attractive.

Usage Examples:

He gave very stolid responses to the interviewer's questions. (impassive, emotionless)

His serious and stolid manner did not make him one of the more popular professor's at the university. (unfeeling, staid)

The house was decorated in a stolid manner that made it seem cold and unwelcoming. (uninteresting, cold, stuffy, impersonal)

She was usually quite stolid, so I was surprised at her excitement over winning the award. (unemotional, indifferent, stoic)

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