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adjective, noun

Definition: (adj.) passive, detached, calm, and unaffected by pleasure or pain; (n.) someone who seems unaffected by pleasure or pain, especially someone who remains unaffected by adversity

Synonyms: (adj.) passive, unemotional, detached, unruffled, calm, indifferent, stolid

Antonyms: emotional

Tips: Stoic was originally the name given to a member of the ancient Greek group of philosophers led by Zeno of Citium, who believed that wise people should be free from passion and unmoved by pleasure, pain, happiness, or grief. Stoic comes from Greek stoikos, or "porch," referring to the porch in Athens where Zeno and his successors taught. Stoic is used to describe someone who doesn't show emotion. It can be used to describe someone who is brave and calm in the face of danger. It can also be used to describe a court witness who answers questions without emotion. For a memory trick, note how stoic sounds like "his toe wick." Now, imagine a man lighting his toe on fire, like a candle wick. You would assume he would scream in pain, but he is unusually stoic (calm, showing no emotion) and is showing no pain or emotion, even though he is using his toe as a wick.

Usage Examples:

Ever the stoic, he showed little emotion when he was laid off from his job of 20 years. (unemotional person) noun

The professional poker player told reporters that a stoic expression was one of the most important elements of his job. (indifferent, calm, unruffled) adjective

The witness remained stoic despite the tough questions posed by the attorney. (calm, unemotional) adjective

The captainís stoic courage during the storm gave his crew much needed confidence. (calm, unruffled) adjective

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