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adjective, noun

Definition: (adj.) 1. staying in one place; 2. not changing or moving; 3. referring to static electricity, which is an excessive amount of positive and negative charges on the surface of an object; (n.) 1. crackling noise like that of a radio; 2. criticism or interference

Synonyms: (adj.) changeless, motionless, immobile, stuck, unmoving, charged, (n.) noise, interference, criticism

Antonyms: moving, changing

Tips: Static is derived from the Greek statikos, which means "causing to stand." When referring to movement, change, or growth, static describes things that do not move or change for a long while. It can also be a noun that refers to interference, either the kind on the radio or TV, or the type you may get from someone who is critical of you or your work.

Usage Examples:

Her life has been so static the last couple of years, she really seems to be stuck in a rut. (stuck, changeless) adjective

Because her car's antenna was broken, she could only receive static on her radio. (noise, interference) noun

The executive knew the company couldn't afford to remain static. (motionless, changeless, unmoving)

I received a lot of static for the editorial I wrote for the paper, but I stuck to my view and refused to write a retraction. (criticism) noun

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