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Definition: a situation where there is contention between two sides, but progress is impossible because neither side is able to win or give in

Synonyms: stand-off, impasse, deadlock, standstill, draw

Antonyms: progress, win

Tips: Stalemate is a common term in the game of chess. When neither side is able to take action in order to win, the game is said to end in a stalemate. Stalemate can also be used in the context of negotiations, when two sides can't come to an agreement and become deadlocked.

Usage Examples:

Despite weeks of negotiations, we can't come to an agreement, and we remain in a stalemate. (impasse, standstill)

I thought I had him beat, but our chess game ended in a stalemate. (draw, deadlock)

The two countries have been in a diplomatic stalemate for years, but with the election of a new president, there is hope for a renewed relationship. (impasse, standstill)

The President called on Congress to break its stalemate and pass his legislation. (impasse, standstill, deadlock)

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