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Definition: 1. to stand still; 2. to be idle and fail to develop or make progress; 3. to rot or become foul due to lack of movement

Synonyms: stand, stall, degenerate, rot, vegetate, deteriorate, decay, stale

Antonyms: move, grow, increase, progress, develop

Tips: Stagnate is derived from the Latin stagnatum, which means "standing water." To stagnate is to stand still, whether literally, like with a marsh or swamp that begins to rot and decay, or figuratively, like with a company that doesn't adapt and progress in a changing marketplace. The related adjective stagnant describes things that are not moving, changing, or growing.

Usage Examples:

The poorly constructed business plan will likely cause the company's growth to stagnate at some point in the future. (not move, be idle)

Most of her stocks stagnated last year, and she wondered where she went wrong in her investments. (stood still, did not move)

She drained her child's pool after every use in order to prevent mosquitoes from breeding in the stagnant water. (idle, not moving) adjective

Our sales have become stagnant, and we need to come up with new ways to attract customers. (idle, stuck, static) adjective

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