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Definition: 1. dirty or rundown; 2. immoral or unethical

Synonyms: bad, corrupt, dirty, filthy, rundown, impure, immoral, seedy, squalid, degraded, depraved

Antonyms: noble, principled, moral, unsullied

Tips: Sordid is derived from the Latin sordidus, which means "dirty." Sordid is used to describe things that are physically dirty or rundown, but is also used to describe things that are immoral or shameful. You may have heard someone say "tell me all of the sordid details." This means the person wants to know all of the "dirty" details, which often refers to sexually explicit details.

Usage Examples:

Her friends pressed her to tell all the sordid details from her date. (seedy, dirty, impure)

The philanthropic group worked to improve the sordid conditions of the city's homeless shelter. (dirty, filthy, rundown)

The story was a sordid tale about betrayal, misfortune, and greed. (seedy, impure, immoral)

I didn't want to hear about all the sordid details of my friend's divorce; it was just too depressing. (bad, dirty)

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