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Definition: 1. done alone; 2. secluded and separate from others; 3. preferring to live or be alone; 4. not growing or living in groups (of plants and animals); 5. lacking companionship

Synonyms: alone, lonely, unaccompanied, reclusive, isolated, sole, single, only, individual

Antonyms: accompanied

Tips: The related noun solitude refers to loneliness or a disposition toward being alone. Both solitary and solitude have their roots in the word sole, "only." Solitary can also be used as a noun, as in, "He preferred to live in solitary."

Usage Examples:

Jim preferred to be a solitary traveler and did not seek out the company of others. (unaccompanied, individual)

The solitary tree standing in the middle of the prairie looked majestic and huge. (sole, single)

The solitary walks I took along the beach during my vacation were immensely rejuvenating. (done alone, unaccompanied)

Sometimes I seek out solitude in order to relax and gather my thoughts. (alone time) noun

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