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Definition: 1. a disinclination to do any work or activity; 2. a person who is lazy; 3. slow-moving animal found in Central and South America

Synonyms: inaction, slowness, laziness, sluggishness, lethargy, loafing,

Antonyms: activity, dynamo

Tips: Sloth originated from the word slow, so it may be helpful to think of "slow moving things." The animal known as a sloth got its name because it moved slowly and appeared to be lazy. Although a sloth is a cute animal, when a person is characterized as a sloth, it is not meant as a compliment. A sloth is a lazy and inactive person. The adjective form is slothful. A person who is sedentary (inclined to sit and be inactive) is most likely a sloth.

Usage Examples:

His slothful ways caused him to be late again. (slow, lazy) adjective

During a time of deep depression, he turned into a sloth and hardly ever got off his couch. (lazy person)

He was a slothful man who couldn't hold down a job because of his laziness. (lazy) adjective

My favorite animals to see at the zoo are sloths, because in addition to being slow and seemingly lazy, they are also quite cute. (slow animal)

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