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Definition: 1. original and influential, especially of ideas revolutionary for their time; 2. containing or contributing the seeds of later development

Synonyms: influential, esteemed, distinguished, remarkable, important, original, creative

Antonyms: boring, humdrum, commonplace

Tips: Seminal is derived from semen, which means "seed." Seminal still means "full of semen or seeds" in a biological sense, but has also come to mean "creative and influential," possibly out of the notion that seeds bring a growth of possibilities and influence change. Something seminal is important because of its ability to influence change.

Usage Examples:

It was a seminal movie that changed the way people looked at the use of technology in filmmaking. (creative, original)

He played a seminal role in finding the cure for the disease. (influential, important)

The Boston Tea Party can be described as a seminal event in American history. (influential, revolutionary, important)

He enjoyed a seminal career as a respected journalist and changed the way news was reported. (influential, inspiring, distinguished)

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